Resident Evil Re:Verse

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Nemesis X


That looks hilariously @ss. Somehow even worse than resistance. Why can't RE just stick to mercenaries?

I was pumped before I saw the trailer. I just don't understand why they go so far out of their way to avoid giving us Mercenaries. Resident Evil does many things well, but PvP is not its strong suit. Capcom is trolling us so hard.

Do they really not see all the fans asking for Mercenaries or Outbreak?

I appreciate free DLC, but I'd happily pay if they just give us what we want.

Nemesis X
How they built it up during the showcase is such a trollish middle finger to fans.

Do you like Resident Evil?
Do you like the classics?
You know how it's been 25 years since the first one and we should celebrate it?
Well...get bent. Here's a pvp mode.

And its coming free with RE 8, Hope we don't have another RE 3 remake situation where the quality isn't all there for the main product.

Nevermind Mercenaries, I would take a grindy Raid mode again over some shit like this. At least it made Revelations (the first one) more worthwhile than it otherwise would be, which was already solid.

The history of pvp with RE has been mostly ass, but far as playable BOWs, my favorite model was the Ustanak mode in 6. Nemesis ought to have gotten something like that, which wouldve been more fun and balanced compared to this or Resistance.

Would like to think theyre still saving Mercs for some other entry down the line, be it another game or remake, but again, RE3make would have been the time to do it, with 3 being the game it debuted on. As it is 6 is still the last time we had Mercenaries, almost a decade ago now...

Nemesis X
Tutorial mode.

Some gameplay.

Huh. Actually looks better here than it did in that piss poor trailer.

Adam Grimes
Meh, it's like an updated Versus mode from RE5. I loved that and played it like crazy back then.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.