The Last of Us Remake

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Nemesis X
According to reports, it's what we needed! Apparently!

Nemesis X
Move over Resident Evil 4, you're no longer the most pointless remake ever announced. The Last of Us is a great experience and it hasn't even been that long to warrant a remake of all things. PlayStation seriously destroyed the little guys like Japan Studio for this?!

Resident Evil 4 remake was never pointless stfu

Yeah, I don't think RE4 is a pointless remake either. It's old and dated enough to see how they can do things better.

But this is dumb. I have no interest in buying this. I literally played the remastered version before the sequel and it still holds up completely. It's one of my favourite games out there and near perfect.

They shutdown Days Gone 2...which I also enjoyed. There is potential in a sequel . In fact, I would say Days Gone is a better game than Ghost of Tsushima because at adds something new to the genre.

In what areas is RE4 old and dated enough that it needs to be remade? Is still perfectly playable by today's standards and has been ported to every main platform since its release. Code Veronica needs the modernizing far more.

Seems to me the only reason the RE4make's happening is because the original's a hugely popular trendsetter and will make money almost no matter what they do with it, much like the reason for this TLOUmake existing. Creatively bankrupt industry.

I agree, I would rather have Code Veronica remade completely instead of RE4....for sure. I wouldn't mind them remaking the original RE game before RE4.

So yeah, I think Capcom can wait on a remake of RE4 after doing others in the series. It also makes sense to wait for RE4 at the end because you know people would buy it.

But I would love to see RE4 with completely new could make the game incredibly atmospheric and creepy...and I would love to see modified controls. I just don't think it's the most pointless remake....

This remake is ridiculous. what a waste of time. Sony supposedly has greenlighted another Uncharted game and cancelled any Days Gone sequel (even though the game ending on a pretty big twist that could make a sequel pretty cool). It's funny that Sony is going down this road because what made them a bucket load of money is all the new IP they had during the PS4.

I have no interest in another Uncharted game...I barely had interest in Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy expansion......get Naughty Dog to work on something new....

Nemesis X
Yeah what PlayStation had going on were the amount of exclusives that'd get pumped out frequently and still be fun & enjoyable. But now cancelling games, demolishing small yet popular studios and diverting their staff & resources to stupid things like Astro's Playroom or this remake and what's practically authoritarianism over creative vision at this point oughta show how full on derp Sony and it's PlayStation CEO have gotten. Had they pulled this kind of crap back in 2013, would be mocked & ridiculed at.

The strange thing, I'm actually really disappointed that they are not going to make another Days Gone.

The horde mechanic was amazing and made the world terrifying (even near the end of the game where you were all decked out in gear)...and the sawmill sequence was ****ing brutal and it really felt like being in a zombie movie.

It's a bit annoying that there will most likely be Uncharted 5 (who needs this?), Last of Us 3 and most likely a sequel to Ghost (which I rather not have over Days Gone)...though I am looking forward to Horizons 2.

This is a shameless cash grab.

F*ck Naughty dog.

I'm usually all for remastered and remakes. I like seeing older games in a new light.

But yeah, I would agree on this one. Considering I played it recently, it still felt fresh and I can't think of anything that needs to be done to it aside from new graphics....but I don't think they are needed. It still looks great.

Prof. T.C McAbe
After LoU2 fu them

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