What Character Would You Like To Be And Why?

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tell me....
if you had to pick anyone from the star wars universe, and become him...
Who would it be and why?

start sending!

Does this include EU?

Darth Vader, cause he is # 1 bad ass of all time

yes EU included
i wannabe an R2 droid. i think....
or id be exar kun. hes aq baddas mo fo

Wedge Antilles. Best pilot in the galaxy!
Vader is a badass also, but i like the odds being against me.

Jacen Solo, cause he can like comunic8 wi anythin livin, altho his philosiphies r kinda wierd, y'kno confused
Jonny cool

Jacen sometimes seems kinda of a *****, always complaining and crying.
Jaina is cool too, another pilot wink

Probably Jaina Solo....if I had to choose spur of the moment b/c she's a great pilot....and she can whup people with a saber too....definately a plus:-)

i see...

Evil Windu
Jedi Master Mace Windu !

No need to explain.. Obvious reasons !

I think I would be Kip Durran, he may have been a little flipped in the head but just think of all that Force potential

i suppose kyp is kinda kool, i like Tenel Ka and Zekk too tho and Danni Quee, Tahiri and Mara

Ooooo...tough choice, that.

Vader is my fav character, but I'd rather be Qui Gon. Second choice Mace. Because they are sooooooooo cool.

Rogue Jedi
kyp durron, definitely. he is pretty close to being a "rogue jedi".

i dont like qui gon. dont know why, just dont. i wouldnt mind being Ulic Quel Droma, i know he was evil, but what the hey.

Rogue Jedi
ulic qel droma was evil, but he was good in the end.

Anakin, cause he gets to marry padme, and he turns to darth vader.

id be corran horn,
pilot, jedi, corsec officer

Jaina: she's got it all, Jedi, pilot, connections in powerful places... oh yes...

I,d love to Be Boba Fett, enemity (sp) behind the mask...cool.

definitely mace windu

Evil: Exar Kun all the way
Good: Luke (how boring and original you say?)

Its gotta be an Aniken clone, run arround slaughtering everyone who gets in the way and become emperor.

Rogue Jedi
kyp durron.

i'd probably want to be Padme, even if her world goes kinda wrong...shes beautiful, intelligent, strong, determined and is a very powerful person in the galaxy ...also because she has jedi friends like obi-wan and of course anakin...plus she gets to wear really really cool clothes and live on a really nice planet.

Captain REX
I would want to be Exar Kun, like Celsius. He kicks ass with the Dark-Side!

But on a 'light'er note ( wink ), I would Odan-Urr, the oldest living Jedi Master. He lived to be 1000 years old before Exar Kun put an end to his life, and he was extremely wise. Yoda would be my second choice, for he also had the wisdom of 900 years of being a Jedi.

Rogue Jedi
ulic qel droma.

I think I'd like to be Mace Windu. But I think Yoda would be cool too. He's fast and great with the lightsabre.

Captain REX
Why Ulic Qel Droma?

Captain REX
I agree on the Mace thing, JediMasterWindu. smile

Ulic was second best to Exar in the dark side.

Rogue Jedi
but he came back to the light. and he was a bit of a ROGUE JEDI.

Captain REX
roll eyes (sarcastic)

Well, at least he redeemed himself. He experienced all the evilness of the Sith and the greatness of the Jedi.

Rogue Jedi
yeah.. and the way he died sucked.....

Captain REX

Rogue Jedi
shot in the back by some scumbag trying to make a name for himself. really.....

Captain REX
Well, he made a name for himself...

Darth Hater
Darth because i love everything about him.especially how evil he is.nobody can mess with vader...well,except for the emp's lightning...i still wish luke would have joined vader and ruled the galaxy together.that woulda been ill.

Captain REX
Well, there is always those Infinities comics, the comic books that ask what would happen if this happened? If Luke had missed the shot on the Death Star? If Luke had joined the Emperor? If they hadn't saved Han? If they had killed Lando? And so on and so forth...

Call me Classic but I'd be Han. Think it: no force but lot of luck and a repertory of punching lines for every occassion. laughing at death's face and living always after all.

There's no mystical energy force that controls my destiny. -Han Solo

There is nothing wrong with that. Han is cool.

Jaina Solo? How many lead female jedi's are there? Who are they?

Jaina Solo is Han and Leia's daughter. I have no idea about your other questions...sorry.

I'd be Jag. He's Corellian, a great, no-nonsense pilot. PPlus, he gets Jaina. smile

Darth Revan
Hard to say.. I've got a few:

Dark side:
Darth Revan
Exar Kun
Darth Maul
Light side:
Revan (after he got his new identity and wasn't evil anymore)
Mace Windu
Yarael Poof (the guy on the jedi council with the balloon head)(cuz hes good with mind tricks which kick ass)

Darth Revan
Like Lyn already said, Jaina is Han and Leia's daughter. There are TONS of female jedi just like there are tons of male jedi. To name a few:
Depa Billaba
Adi Gallia
Bariss Offee
Shaak Ti
Luminara Unduli
Mara Jade
Jaina Solo
Shira Brie
And my personal favorite, from KotOR: BASTILA SHAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and then there's Juhani, who's also from KotOR but I hate her

exar kun , he's just bad ass

I only know of Mara Jade & Jaina...and I've heard of Luminara Unduli.

Id Be Darth Revan
he's awesome

Darth Dementus
The Emperor because I'd love to rule the galaxy!

Ulic Qel-Droma
Ulic-Qel Droma

Anakin,he gets to **** Padme!!!

Dark: Durge most likely
Light: Mace Windu most likely
Neutral: Boba Fett

If i were to chose from all three, DEFINITELY Boba Fett. I don't need force powers baby thumb up


Chewbacca.............probably cuz i got enough hair to be him lol

brute strength, crazy courage, & sticks by his friends.....

"Hope im not thinkin of the wrong guy....or show.....lol"

Revan Souer
I'd be BOBA FETT from the films and Revan from the Starwars uni

Obi-Wan (Jedi)
I'd be Obi-Wan Kenobi because he is wise, highly underestimated and very cool!

id be Grevious.But i wouldnt want to die though.if i was Grevious i might of beaten Obi-one konobi

yoda because hes cool and he kicks buutt

Emperor Revan
Lord Revan without a doubt. The guy's extremely powerful, a brilliant tactician, has control of an enormous space station that produces an endless battle fleet for him, has a powerful apprentice, the strongest Mandalorian at his side, a wise cracking bad ass droid, a sweet flagship (Ebon hawk), and the galaxy at his fleet.

Oh yeah and he and Bastila love each other and she is really hot.

I too would be Revan, But the Light Side One.

Ummm? I'll let you answer for me.

i know i would be Mirax Terrik, she gets corran, no more needs to be said. or Mara, before she married luke, before she got soft! wink

Darth Plagues
For me I'd either be NJO Luke SKywalker or Darth Vader...

Padme'. Cuz she gets to marry anakin & anankin si really hott

General Zodiac
And she gets killed by Anakin.

Dark Thor
id like to be padme or leia even though im a boy...jk i'd like to be chancellor

Darth Kronos

jango fat
Quinlan Vos

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