T4 when should it start and the fatherů

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The problem is , if you take out Arnold, then the producers will believe that no one will want to see the movies anymore. It sucks , but its something the directors and writers have to think about. If they did not have to worry about profit, then they could leave Arnold out, because how are they going to use him in the future? There are going to be thousands of Terminators out there and most of them don't have there skins on anyway.

But answering your other question, I think they should show John and Kate building up the bunker, talking to outsiders and letting more people in, etc...etc... then show the war and his rise to power.

The problem is he HAS to send Reese back no matter what.
There are so many ways to go with this because of the time travel...

the day arnold stops doing them is the day the series should die.

They could do one without Arnold. I think it should be about John shaping into a miltary leader


Captain REX
What makes you think they will make a T4 anyway?




"The previews were sensational; it's one of the biggest preview openings of all time," said Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures.

It's the biggest hit in Arnold's filmografy...that tell you all

I think they should call back James Cameron and music writer Brad Fiedel and Robert Patrick (t-1000)...to make the HUGE terminator movie T4 - it must be the killer movie....

Depending on how you look at it, the Arnold-Terminator in T3 stated to John that they would meet again, it might be interesting if it was the A-Terminator (or another reprogrammed T, or whatever) let them out. Sent back in time, Skynet itself (copied or transfered or linked in a Terminator (model of your choice)) hunts them down.

Or better yet, full circle; An A-Terminator is sent back once again to kill he (and Catherine), and they manage to disable it and reprogram it's CPU. Together they combat Skynet...

In the future we should see in TERMINATOR a horor a world never see before!...without chicks and love scenes...just horor and JUDGMENT DAY!

The love story has been told. We need to ask ourselves something? why did skynet non send another t-1000. it is for 1 reason and 1 reason only... because it was a 100% failure. From the perspective of skynet, the t-1000 had a weakness, otherwise it would have sent another. In appears that a woman would be able to better infiltrate. It also seems that statistically t-800 are a more valuable model becuse they likely have had a 90% success rate when compared with t-1000. Reason, the t-800 were made as prototype and then went into mass production hence overall it must have been statistcally a more sucessfull killingmachine. It can be concluded that the limitations of the t-800 did not percentage wise diminishe it effect as a killing machine as did the t-1000. In addition, skynet must have concluded that the comlete morphing thing must not have been as valuable an asset as is the infiltrator concept. The intellegence of the machine and is't ability to do things withour beign detected is the purpose of the terminator machines,
One could argue that sknet eventually discontinued both model eventually giving way to the tx. But it appears tht skynet only discontinued the t-1000 and developed the tx and continued producing t-800, specifically if in t3 arnold is a t850 then it might be the case that they even bult more t800 series models. We also don't see many t-600 likely because skynet DID discontinue those because they could not infiltrate as well dut to the skin. So we are lilely so see some t-600's
hk both land and air (as always) and the t-one million which guards the core of skynet but likely no t-1000s and no tx machines. I would like to see them show the war beyond the machines taking over shown in t3. They need to show the missles being launched causing the explosion @ the end of t3... then show thecapture of humans and the development of the hk's and then the infiltrators and then show the war almost being won my the humans, but skynet now aware of john conner's contact with the trminators from before kills john conner but before connor gets killed, kyle reese speaks with him anticipating skynet sending back a t-800 gives the photo to kyle just in case....giving kyle orders to go and blow up the dime displacement equipment in the event skynet detected and anticipated the finality of the war. skynet send back arnold just in case kyles intercepts and sends a t-800 to killl john. However skynet is incorrect and killing john conner does change the result of the war for with the new knowledge skynet attacks john earlier in the battle than they did before and the humans loose. kyle goes back in time, get's killed by arnold sarah lives the live led in t2, but t-1000 is never sent back an arnold is never sent back again and sarah dies of leukemia and john gets' married and never being contfrontd by arnie or tx meets up with claire danes and they hit it off and john being unpreppared due to the change in temporal timeline from t2 does not get saved by the bomb shelter and brewsters' father dies as all humans with the exception of a few all die in the nuclear fallout. the outcome now changed is doomed for failure as the new leader of the resistacne that follows does not have john connor's qualities...and the human existance is extinguished. Arold returns as the terminator, evil and assasinate john in this timeline and murders other humans in the future as well as other t800 without skin and csm-102's with franco coumbo's skin combination as well as some with lou ferrigino's skin combo, infiltrating human hidehouts killing all, .
The machines rule the earth for 900 years before extinguishing natural resources as eventually when the nuclear winter clears and the sun contacts the earth, life will anew again, butthey should leave that part out and just show the machine ruleing the earth and then running out of natural reaources and the machine, basically.. die and they show the last power shut down after 120 years. As the red eye fades, the credits roll. No t5. end it there.


however i had this thought on my mind, why does skynet keep sending terminators to the past but in the "past timeline" they keep coming back as john gets older, why not go back before sarah conner was born, or her parents etc, preventing sarah from being born as well.

Because terminators dont have good memory....DULOBAST25 good story, but you forgot to the main point, John Connor must survive...there shouldnt be Terminator earth, in T4 (like seems to be in the end of the movie) T-850 will be send back to the past to eliminate John Connor.

If Skynet see failure of last 2 terminators (T-1000 and Tx) and sending more advanced terminator to the past (except in T3), it must see the T-800 and its skills. That mean it send T-850 more advanced terminator than T-800 back to the past.

Are we going to see twins in T4?!...If not, the T-1000 is the most advanced terminator ever...but his mission failed!...Are we never going to see the end of the world called JUDGMENT DAY?

In the first movie Kyle Reese says he is from the year 2029. Arnold in T3 said he killed John Conner in 2032.. Must be a couple years apart atleast.

I figure the TDE gets taken and retaken as the war rages, humans beat back machines, machine crush humans, all fighting for control of the TDE and ultimate victory.. you know waht I think will happen in T4... its in my post on the subject

I like the idea of having eye candy as the terminators instead of Schwartzbegger.

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