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Rogue Jedi
anyone else here as big a martial arts movie fan as I am? I like when they are poorly written and poorly made. the cornier the better.
Twin warriors with Jet Li
Revenge of the ninja with Sho Kosugi

I only really liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon because you got to know the characters more. Lots of great fighting, quality camera work and a very good cast of people. I hope they make another quality Kung Fu flick, I'd definately go see it.

I feel like if the movie is too cheesy I cant find myself getting too involved unless they overdose on the special effects, then Im there lol

Jakie chan makes the best Martial arts films, the ones from his old days in china are so great. I wish i wsas asbrave as him.
Anyoe seen the Ploice storys, only seen the first one andi loved it

Pretty much every Jackie Chan movie! Good or bad! The martial arts makes it worth seeing big grin

Neo_Version 7
Hero (very good and epic) and Cradle 2 the grave (cheesy) were awesome. All Bruce Lee movies were awesome too. He da master when it comes to Martial Arts.

i like jet li but he always uses damn wires which takes away from his martial arts i believe, some of his older films are great and kiss of the dragon was great, and excluding the gran daddy of martial arts (bruce lee) jackie chan has the most entertaining martial arts movies and yeah police story was great police story2 was god but not as good as the first i loved supercop and operation condor, if anyone can find the movie called Jingrak the wushu lord, Its spectacular they use 12 different wushu masters in the filming of that movie, every action in that movie is an actuall wushu techinique, and if you know what wushu is you know its some crazy shit

Rogue Jedi- Revenge of the Ninja is awesome. I love that movie. Haven't seen it in about 15 years or so, but I remember loving it. I remember when I was a kid they used to have Kung Fu theatre every Sunday on cable. Some of those movies were truly, the cheesiest most hilarious kung fu movies ever made. There was one called-"The flying guillotines" where a certain team of martial artists had created a weapon attached to a rope that you could throw like a hoop around someones head, and then when you pulled the rope it would chop off their heads like a guillotine. You can only imagine the cheesiness of this one. It was great. Has anyone ever seen that ?

Rogue Jedi
yes, revenge of the ninja is the greatest chop sockie movie i have ever seen. the final battle on the rooftop is classic. i also liked iron monkey, it was way over the top. twin warriors with jet li comes in at a close 2nd. the mortal combat movies are good. try the hunted with christopher lambert and john lone.

all jet li , jackie chan + bruce lee kung fu movies are great! although i did find crouchin tiger hiddin dragon was a bit too much! fair enough the may be able to jump high but being able to fly dont appeal to me!!! (although none of them characters pld in it)

I like the martial arts movies, but they have to have believable choreography. I teach martial arts and when see things which are completely un achievable I loose the thread of the film. Jet Li is probably one of the best modern day martial arts actors, but for the comedy element it has to be jackie Chan.

Has anyone seen "Who am I"? That is so STUPID it makes me laugh. laughing out loud

My sister thought Romeo must die was good.

I liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Legend of Drunken Boxer - Jackie Chan
SuperCop - Jackie Chan/Michael Yo
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Michael Yo/Chow Yung Fat(sp)
Kiss of the Dragon - Jet Lee
The One - Jet Lee

those are like my favs, but i havent seen alot

Its a damn shame I couldnt post a link to this....guess I'm not experienced enough yet. check out Master of the Flying Guillotine.

o kiMMii o
i felt "the one" was pathetic! lol
Rush Hour 1-2 lmao so funny.....

My Top Ten. big grin

1.Super Ninjas
2.The Five Deadly Venoms
3.Return of Five Deadly Venoms
4.Shaolin Master Killer AKA THE THIRTY SIXTH CHAMBER!!!! (Yeah Boyee!!)
5.Return To the 36th Chamber
6.The Whole Wu Tang Clan Series.
7.The buddhist Fist
8.The Five Fighters From Shaolin
9.The Invincible Pole Fighter/The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
10.Master of the Flying Guillotine.

I'm starting my little foray into modern Martial Arts cinema. I recently saw "Once Upon a Time in China", which I actually didn't too much care for. This afternoon I saw "Iron Monkey", which I thought was fabulous, especially Donnie Yen's over all perfomance. I've got "CT, HD" to watch tomorrow.

Anyone have any thoughts on "Black Mask", or any of Jet Li's other U.S. flicks? Recommendations are always welcome.

you should for the most part stay away from jet li's american flicks except for kiss of the dragon which is a fantastic example of what jet li can do when he decides to take a role that is the slightest bit serious, and doesnt require wire work, because lets face it if there is one person who can over do wire work to death. It is jet li. The one is also very entertaining movie for what it is. As for black mask. I found it more than tolerable, but less than memorable. Here's a friendly warning thoug Stay away from all other american jet li movies aside from the ones mentioned. However i would strongly recommend his asian films like shoalin temple which is pure martial arts madness, or his legend movies. These films show off his true skill

Other great martial art movies include , fist of legend, The prodigal son, Blade of fury, Shaolin challenges ninja, and the Shaolin master killer. These are of the greatest martial art movies in the genre. Of course there are some more out there,but these cannor be questioned as amazingly stunning in pure martial arts

It's cool to see someone else mention Revenge Of The Ninja...
I love all the Sho Kosugi movies, I grew up watching them as a kid..
Enter The Ninja is my favorite Sho Kosugi movie though..I wish they would release it on dvd...

I'm also a big fan of Bruce Lee's movies, he was always such the profesional..he also trained with dan Insonato a huge figure in the Filipino martial arts world..

I studided Balintiwak myself along with Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo..

Question for PRO-PAIN: Did you come up with your User ID after the band or was it something creative on your own? I'm a pretty decent fan of Pro-Pain.

Botankus you are absolutely right, it is from the band Pro-Pain, I'm a huge fan of them, I have actually hung out with them several times and they are very cool guys.....

I see you are from NC to, what part? I'm from Rock Hill SC about 20 minutes south of Charlotte NC....

I will PM you on that one.

As mention earlier the best way to get into Kung Fu films is to watch the Shaw Brothers movies. Then check out movies from Golden Harvest studios. I started watching the Martial arts genre since I was little. I would watch Kung Fu theather every weekend until it went off the air. Ever since then I been addicted to Kung fu films.

Unfortunally most of the best classics have not been transfer to DVD yet. And some are still on VHS and very hard to find. Others were only aired in America maybe a few times but never released on VHS. The Best bet is too do searches in video stores bins or orden them online.

Some excellent titles have been already mention, but here is a few of personal favorites:

Shaolin Master Killer
Thundering Manthis
Eagle's Claw
Master of The Flying Guillotine
Master with Cracked fingers
The Kid with the Golden Arm
Five Fingers of Death

my fave actor is Jakie Chan he is ****ing amazing.drunken master 2 is the best Martial arts movie.

enter the dragon was my fav or the hunted it is kinda a martial arts movie

Anyone hear of the Blind Swordsman? Its pretty a old movie but its just so cool how a blind guy can kick the crap outta guys that can see...LOL. Theres a new one out thats supposed to be really good and Im also looking forward to "Hero".

The One: Horrible

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Boring but a beautiful film, I felt like the movie was pointless at the end

The Seven Samurai (Epic or Drama or Martial Arts?): Great film, LLLLOOONNNGG but if you if you have enough patience it pays off, directed by Akira Kurosawa

the story of Zatoichi? if so then yes
BTW The Seven Samurai kicks ass

The Blind Swordsman:ZATOICHI - a of my faves....

HERO - my most favorite! you just have to see the color sheme to realize this is more than just a martial arts film...

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON - i guess this one set the pace...

THE ONE - yeah...horrible....

Jet Li's ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA series is quite good....still like them...

and the SHAOLIN KIDS series? hilarious...!

HERO - is ****ing kool

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON - i loved it because Chow Yun Fat was fighting and not using guns

THE ONE - it was OK but pretty shity

any bruce lee pic...bradon lee also did few good ones early on but he will always be underrated coz of his last name

i dont realy like bruse that much he's to over rated.Oh dose any one here know who Yuen Wah is coz he kicks ass.

I dont know much about Bruce Lee except that when filming the guy moved so fast the film had to be slowed down, which is off the scale considering that in old martial art movies the film was sped up, overrated or not, its crazy he was that fast

yeah, brandon lee was real promising, 'cept that he had to live in the shadow of his Dragon dad...anyone seen Showdown in Little Tokyo (with Dolph Lundgren...)? and he had the moves in RAPID FIRE...

i definetly disagree on that.....he paved the way for every martial artists to star in movies.....he literally kicked down the doors of hollywood and opened it up for every martial artists that is being mentioned in this thread

Absolutely yes! I love the Zatoichi movie series! I got my collection of his more recent movies. Currently I'm try to get most of his early movies. Is a shame that Katsu died he was a great actor and he was the original Zatoichi.

The Zatoichi character kicks ass! A blind man who loves to gamble and gives massages to his victims and later kills them. That's super cool. big grin

isent there a new Zatoichi film directed by Takeshi Kitano?

Yeah he did another Blind swordsmen, i think it opens in limited release this month, if not then it is already out

Zatoichi is my favorite martial arts character of all time, the few movies Ive seen with him in it I liked a lot. Takeshi Kitano wrote, directed and played as Zatoichi in the new film hopefully he doesnt mess up the character. Shintaro Katsu was perfect for the roll in the earlier movies he acts so completely blind its hard to tell whether he is or not.

Not the biggest fan...

But I'd say I get a kick out of em'. I just bought HERO, ONG BAK: MUAY THAI WARRIOR, and ZATOICHI: THE BLIND SWORDSMAN.

I have all the Bruce Lee Movies, about 9 Jackie Chan Films, and 7 Jet Li Films (not including his western material).

my favorite martial arts character is Wong Fei Hong rock

Ms Hyde
They were showing (the new?) Zatoichi in the Sydney Film Festival this year. I thought it was new until I searched and found it was made in 1989. I haven't seen it yet sad

Some of the stunts in Project A with Jackie Chan were the best I've seen, ever. Supercop's fight scenes were just crazy. I think Jackie really shined in that one. The choreography in Legend of the Drunken Master was perfect. For the old school I go for The Streetfighter with Sonny Chiba. Master Killer was a classic and Enter the Dragon is a personal fave. I wish Bruce had a chance to finish Game of Death himself. I think it would have been the best kung-fu movie ever.

I like jackie chans movies, not because the martial arts in them are so deadly, but because the way he does martial arts in his films makes it seem rather hilarious and very inventive.

Jackie has admitted that he was inspired by Buster Keaton and that most of his stunts are always a "must" for his movies. Jackie blends comedy and action perfectly fine. He is just one of a kind!

Ms Hyde
^ I grew up on Jackie movies. My dad loved them! I appreciate them better now.

police story 1 + 2 i think were the highlights for jackie

CTHD, Hero, House of the Flying Daggers and other films like these are Wuxia films, so nothing wrong with all the fighting and scenes against the laws of physics and so on. Very big in China these type of genre films. Very magical to watch, visuals.

Ong Bak was good for the action scenes, but didn't like the editing and the rest of the movie was awful, didn't like that.

Who Am I, my brother worked on effects/action scenes in this Chan movie, met Jackie as well.

Love watching Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and most others mentioned already.

Naturally, I am a martial arts fan big grin

Jackie Chan old films like- Police Story 1,2,3 (Police Story 4 is coming out)
Jet li films including once upon a Time in China(Wong Fei Hong) and some Chow Yun Fat old films too.


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