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What book do you want?
You do not have permission to vote on this poll.
4th Bane book 2 28.57%
Plageuis novel[s] 0 0%
Jedi novels(e.g. Zayne Carrick and Lucien Draay or something) 0 0%
True Sith novels 5 71.43%
Total: 7 votes 100%
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Started by: Incanus

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Registered: Jun 2009



Would anyone want a book about Tulak Hord or Marka Ragnos if there hasnt been one? Darth Bane Dynasty of Evil comes out this year, maybe a Plageuis novel soon..... but anyone want a specific book?

Nanye i ne Anduril i macil Elendilo
Lercuvanten i moli Mordoreo
Turgon aran Gondolin tortha gar a matha, i vegil Glamdring gud dae lo, dam an Glamhoth.

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Old Post Jul 19th, 2009 04:16 PM
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Dr McBeefington

Registered: Jul 2006

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Out of all those I would love a Hord or Ragnos novel, but those characters appear to be better when unknown. I'd love a novel about Revan's adventures with the True Sith. But out of the choices in the poll, I'd go for True Sith Novel, then Plagueis Novel, followed by Darth Bane novel.

Greed is Good.

Old Post Jul 19th, 2009 04:28 PM
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