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Star Wars: The Origins of Anakin Skywalker Part II
Started by: Freedon Nadd

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Freedon Nadd
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Star Wars: The Origins of Anakin Skywalker Part II

In the other corner of the galaxy, Shmi was already tired due to the road’s length. There was still much sand to step.

“I have to take my breath. Wait a mom-“, she gasped taking a bottle of water out of her bag.

“Are there three more for us?”, one guard added.

“No. But I guess you can drink from this.”, she said.

“Thank you, lady Shmi.”

“No one called me, ‘Shmi’ ‘till now.”, she smiled.

“Well, no one ever served us with something if we asked to.”, another interfered in Shimi’s discussion.

“Oh. Okay.”, she took her bag on her back and took it off again.

Many hours passed since she and the three men took it off. And the time was critical because the guy who had to bring Watto’s precious stuff was about to come flying a Black Sun starship.

Thank to the Force they were already in the Jundland Wastes.

“Look. There. He’ comin’.”, one of the guards said with exaltation.

As the ship was ready to land and the man to give his stuff to the slave Shmi; a pack of Tusken Raiders, ‘Sand People’, as Shmi and others called them, were greeting them.

Shmi could hear them. She could hear that familiar roar. They were humming like bees and scream like pigs. It was in fact a mixture of both.

They assaulted them all.

Four Tuskens lashed at the guards. Shmi hit one with her bag; and he hit the dirt.

One Tusken jumped on a guard’s back and strangled him; another guard tried to give them a death blow. He failed. The Tusken killed him.

And the last guard did one thing no man, with honor, would ever do. He fled. He ran as fast as he could and didn’t look back.

While Shmi was fighting for her life ‘till death, another spaceship was flying in the sky of Tatooine.

“Let me go! Let me go!”, she cried out of despair.


But there was no one who could help her.

Or it was?

The uncanny, quite imposing ship landed.

The Tuskens tied Shmi’s hands and feet with rope and were about to take her when they heard the ship’s door opening.

It was the Scimitar.

It was Darth Plagueis.

“Urrak!”, Plagueis said on their language to stop,

“Oru uru kak.”, he threatened them to put their spears and crossbows down.

“Ur er rre!”, he said them to leave her alone.

The Tuskens didn’t heed the Dark Lord. And they paid the price.

Plagueis channeled his inner anger and hate—ready to burst out.

He Force-strangled a Tusken while lifting him up, and twisted his neck. Two others wanted to hit him with their crossbows’ arrows; but Plagueis sensed their intention and Force-pushed them. The kinetic energy of the Force wave coursed through those two Tusken’s bodies and caused their molecules to split apart.

Such was the power of the Sith Lord. Such was the power of the dark side. Unrestrained; fully guided by emotion.

The Tuskens’ suffering was not at the end. Plagueis made sure of them.

Cracking his teeth as result of surrendering himself to the fire inside his being; Plagueis descended into the greatest depths of the dark side.

A huge barrage of red lightning burst forth from him.

All of the Tuskens-

-in a blink-

-were turned into ash…

Shmi saw the black figure and that awesome deadly lightning of red color. She even heard it burning the sand making the sand pebbles jump like the popcorn in a frying pan.

The Tatoo sun covered her eyes with its bright rays.

“You are the woman in my visions.”, Plagueis added while his voice—‘concealed’ by the breathing mask.

She heard him puffing,

“Who are you?”

The alien laughed in silence. She saw his yellow eyes ‘smiling’ with a sense of victory and malice.

“Who I am is not important but who you are, human.”

“I don’t understand.”, she added,

“You don’t have to understand. You only have to obey and continue your life as if nothing happened to you. That is the purpose of insignificant beings.”

“What-“, she noticed the change of tone in the alien’s voice.

“Sleep.”, Plagueis waved his hand as a Jedi and she fainted.

Plagueis Force-lifted the woman’s body and took her to his Scimitar.

The alien pressed the engine button and gave to the Scimitar the command to take its fly.


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