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2.10 Codexes
Started by: Jaggarath

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2.10 Codexes

The Unlikely Survival of Ossus

Ossus still bears the scars of the Cron Supernova: its surface is a seared wasteland of rock and sand. But even this degree of desolation is shockingly mild; that the planet was not rendered into a charred ball of molten rock, or even obliterated completely, is nothing short of miraculous.

Little academic work has been put forward to explain this unlikely survival; only conjecture. The initial cause of the supernova was unnatural; perhaps this explains the unnatural results? Ossus was a stronghold of the Jedi; does the inherent life force of such a place make it more resistant to destruction? Could the unique astrophysical structure of the Adega system where Ossus is found have played a role?

Regardless of the reasons, the continued survival of Ossus offers the promise that its ancient mysteries may one day be unlocked.

Ood Bnar

At the time of the Cron Supernova, the Great Jedi Library of Ossus was overseen by Ood Bnar, a Jedi Master specializing in knowledge of the Sith and their use of the Dark Side. Though his tenure as head librarian was short, Ood Bnar served loyally, defending the library's artifacts from the Sith lord Exar Kun in the final moments before the supernova razed the planet.

As a member of the tree-like Neti species, Ood Bnar could alter his physiology and shape, allowing him to transform from a humanoid into a towering tree in order to envelop and protect a cache of ancient lightsabers. He entered a form of deep hibernation as the Cron Supernova struck and has yet to rouse from this trance-like state. Master Gnost-Dural and many other Jedi have meditated at his roots, hoping to communicate and learn from the ancient Jedi, but thus far, Ood Bnar has offered no response.


Odan-Urr, Jedi Master and founder of the Great Jedi Library of Ossus, was one of the order's most famous and long-lived members. Although he participated in some of the most decisive battles of his time, Odan-Urr preferred the life of an academic, overseeing the library's Chamber of Antiquities for centuries until he was slain by Exar Kun shortly before the cataclysm inflicted by the Cron Supernova.

Of his many accomplishments, perhaps the most influential of Odan-Urr's works was his revised version of the Jedi Code, which he created in response to the struggles of his pupils to fully understand and embrace what it meant to be a Jedi. Odan-Urr's revised wording of the code became the definitive version, taught and recited by Jedi ever since.

Don the Exiled Knight

Mysterious. Intriguing. Captivating. These are only a few of the descriptors applied to the individual known only as Don the Exiled Knight. In the short time since the publisher of his forthcoming autobiography first introduced him to the galactic stage, Don has become a holonet sensation, driving speculation and curiosity from literary fans across the galaxy.

Where does he come from? Why was he exiled from the Jedi? Where will his wanderings take him next? An audience hungry to learn the full facts about this unusual individual has sprung up seemingly overnight, driving an unprecedented search by journalists and investigators hoping to be the first to find Don and learn the truth from the Exiled Knight himself.

Survivors of the Cron Supernova

Though it would seem impossible, sparse evidence exists suggesting that there were survivors of the Cron supernova that devastated the surface of Ossus. Colonists have reported missing personal items, strange noises, and mysterious footprints, particularly in areas deep within surviving ruins; quite reasonable, considering that no one who was on the planet's surface could have survived such a cataclysm.

Unfortunately, any survivors who may exist seem determined to remain unseen and undiscovered. With the present crisis, it is unlikely that a more detailed search will be conducted at any point in the near future; the truth of the survivors of Ossus will thus be left to future generations to discover.

The Reformed Dark Council

After her rise to the throne of the Sith Empire, Empress Acina streamlined the structure of the Dark Council, reducing its size from twelve seats to five. Each of these Dark Councillors now oversee two to three of the spheres of power controlled by the original council.

The new seats on the Dark Council and the spheres they oversee are structured as follows:

Sith Doctrine
--Ancient Knowledge

Military Command
--Defense of the Empire
--Military Offense
--Military Strategy

Scientific Advancement
--Biotic Science

Civil Administration
--Production and Logistics
--Laws and Justice

Galactic Influence
--Sith Intelligence
--Expansion and Diplomacy

The Great Jedi Library of Ossus

Constructed more than a thousand years in the past, the Great Jedi Library of Ossus long stood as a center of learning and knowledge in the Republic. Records suggest that the library once contained countless documents and data detailing civilizations, species, and events that history has now long forgotten. Recent Jedi excavations have rediscovered much of this material, though the true depths of the library's ruins remain unexplored and undocumented.

Professional historians and academics often hold the destruction of the Great Library at the hands of the Sith as one of the greatest tragedies in civilized history. It is common for modern libraries throughout the Republic to feature commemorative placards in honor of their destroyed "ancestor", promising to preserve and pass down knowledge freely and widely in order to avoid another such catastrophe.

The Hidden Jedi Colony on Ossus

With the Jedi in tatters after years of war against the Sith and Zakuul, Master Gnost-Dural feared that the order was on the verge of total destruction. To preserve the Jedi and their teachings for the future, he secretly gathered the allies and resources necessary to establish a hidden colony on Ossus, hoping that the planet's obscurity and remoteness would provide ample protection.

The colony has flourished beyond even Gnost-Dural's greatest hopes; innovative environmental reclamation techniques have allowed farming and water purification on a planet that otherwise supported little if any life.

Perhaps the only major challenge the colony faced before the Sith invasion was the decision to remain out of communications. Although heavily debated by the colonists and Jedi alike, Gnost-Dural ultimately insisted that the colony remain as cut-off from the larger galaxy as possible, and it has remained in total isolation for years.

Darth Malora

Darth Malora sits on the Dark Council of the Sith Empire, where she oversees the sphere of Scientific Advancement. Initially held back from opportunities by her first master, Lord Renning, Malora eventually managed to escape his "mentorship" and make a name for herself through her mastery of a combination of Sith alchemy and genetic engineering; in particular, a technique for regenerating damaged tissue and organs more quickly than even bacta or kolto.

By cautiously offering "treatments" to only the most powerful and influential Sith on Dromund Kaas, Malora rose to prominence and gained the resources necessary to advance her experimentation ever further. She has since made extensive modifications to her own body, the purposes of which she has revealed to no one.

When Darth Acina took the Imperial throne, she made scientific progress a priority, creating a pathway for Malora's work to gain notoriety and, eventually, for her rise to the Dark Council.


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By the way, that first codex plays into something much grander which wanks Bnar massively. Though I'll reserve that for now.


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