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Screwattack's Top Ten Videogame Themes Ever.
Started by: tom_servo

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Screwattack's Top Ten Videogame Themes Ever.

I ran across this a while back on another forum that I frequent.

1. Legend of Zelda Theme - Legend of Zelda
2. Dr. Wily's Stage - Mega Man 2
3. Grabbag (Duke Nukem Theme) - Duke Nukem 3D
4. Super Metroid Theme - Super Metroid
5. Super Mario Bros. Theme - Super Mario Bros.
6. The Moon - DuckTales
7. Fear of the Heavens - Secret of Mana
8. Prelude - Final Fantasy
9. Gang-Plank Galleon - Donkey Kong Country
10. Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog

Honestly. Their list ..just..kind of sucks. I figured I might as well give mine to counteract the insanity. Lemme know what you guys think.

10. Eternal Champions Main Theme.
While this game seems to be quite a niche kind of title, it did give us a damn good theme. Check Jessie's thread of links to find this underneath the Genesis section to find this little gem.

9. Columns. Clotho BGM.
Ah. Columns. I loved this game as a kid, even though it built a little on the Tetris formula. A lot of folks might've said it was ripping the Nintendo giant off, but I never said that about this game for a second.

8. Fable. Main Theme.
Granted, Peter Moloneux promised a lot with the first Fable, and failed. It did give us a killer score though, with Danny Elfman as composer. I might not have been a big fan of Elfman before, but listening to this score again and again has made me a tiny bit of one.

7. Shenmue. Shenfa ( Orchestral, or Vocal Version. )
Yu Suzuki's magnum opus' main theme. While the original 'Shenmue' track is in many people's eyes the main theme. I beg to differ. I love this track. Go. Download it now. Your hard drive will thank you for it.

6. Metal Gear Solid 3. Snake Eater.
There's something so catchy about this tune. It's so ..I don't know, James Bond-ish? I find myself listening to this tune over and over again. I can't get enough of it. You might ask..but T0m, you didn't put the main theme? Yep. The main theme, while an incredibly good piece of music, I felt like it would be on a lot of other people's lists. I wanted to be different. Sue me.

5. Halo Theme.
Now we get to the real nitty-gritty. While Halo is a victim of it's own success, "Halo 3"..I'm looking at you, the main theme is still one of the best themes..ever. You might cry foul at me saying Halo's a victim of it's own success, but I remind you the overhyped nature of Halo 3. When it came out..I wasn't looking forward to it anymore. Everyone was overplaying the 'newness' of it that I just got burned out on it. When I finally got a chance to play it, I was like.." incredibly....average." Flame me if you wish, but that's just my opinion. You can't blame a guy for having one of those, right? I still think Halo has some of the best music in the FPS genre though. Halo 2 was kind of a miss for me with all of the rock music, but Halo and Halo 3's music was excellent.

4. Metal Gear Solid. The Best Is Yet to Come.
TWO MGS THEMES?! Omgz. Yes. Two Metal Gear Solid themes. I played the original Metal Gear Solid for hours to get to the end of the game. We were presented with this little masterpiece. Set to the credits and a video overlay of stuff around Alaska, the music fit absolutely perfectly.

3. Street Fighter II. Ken's Theme.
No love for SF II on Screwattack's list you say? I'm damn sure gonna show some love for it here. Ken's theme had to be one of the best in the game. At least.. I thought so. For me it was a toss up to include this theme or Guile's. They're both excellent tracks, but Ken was the first character I ever used, so..maybe I'm a little biased.

2. Sonic The Hedgehog CD. Palmtree Panic( Present ), [American Version]
I LOVED Sonic CD. The game was excellent. Not only that, actual CD quality tunes to go with the speed and the jumping. Once I heard this theme , I had to have the soundtrack. It took until I discovered the wonderful world of MP3 that I ripped it straight from the game CD.

And my number one theme of all time is...

1. Megaman. Cut Man's Stage.
Okay. So..the original Megaman games were hella hard, but Cut Man's stage music is damn catchy. Especially since someone did an awsome guitar mix of it. I used to have it on my old computer, but I don't know what happened to it anymore.

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Already a thread for this sort of thing.



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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Screwattack's Top Ten Videogame Themes Ever.

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