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Were you a fan before Awakening came out?
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Yeah, I liked it before Awakening came out. 1 50.00%
No, only played Awakening and games after it. 1 50.00%
I've only ever known and played the characters through Smash Bros. 0 0%
I have no interest in the series and don't even play the characters in Smash Bros. 0 0%
Total: 2 votes 100%
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Any pre-Awakening Fire Emblem fans here?
Started by: Jmanghan

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Any pre-Awakening Fire Emblem fans here?

Basically, anyone who really enjoyed the pre-Awakening games?

Or do you feel they just didn't start getting good until Awakening?

So far I own nearly every FE game released in the U.S. with the exclusion of Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Fates: Revelation, and while I haven't finished any of them, I love the games so far. I tried looking for Revelation, but couldn't find it on the e-shop?? Also, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are both ungodly expensive, but Path of Radiance is a lot moreso, especially if you want it brand new, it can cost you $350+, which is crazy.

The permadeath system is something I'm not the biggest fan of, which is why I've yet to finish "Blazing Blade", I mean, besides the fact that it's also a pretty long game; I do however, enjoy the weapon superiority system, swords are good against axes, spears are good against swords, and axes are good against spears, it increases the tension for me when I have to worry about an enemy turn.

I've gotten much farther in Awakening however, and I enjoy the crap out of that game a lot.

I've yet to play anything but Blazing Blade, Awakening, and Warriors though, which may sound like a joke to some.

I hope at some point they bring over the rest of the games, especially Binding Blade and Mystery of the Emblem, it'd be cool to play Roy's story and finish off Marth's without having to play it on PC with an english patch.

I also really like the characters, especially Marth, who I've been heavy into ever since Smash Melee.

Anyway, discuss.

Thanks Scribble!

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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Any pre-Awakening Fire Emblem fans here?

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