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Life After AWE
Started by: ToddianGirl

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Rumors are EVIL!

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Life After AWE

Do you wonder what everyone is doing since AWE? Well here's update on them.

JacksadTalking to random people):Then they made me their chief(His cell phone rings) Excuse Me. Hello? Ahoy Gibbs!
Gibbs: Jack Ye Got that Commerical
Jack: Th' Rum One?
Gibbs: Yup they loved ye!
Jack:Wonderful when do I start shooting?
Gibbs: Tomorrow!
Jack: Beautiful! What would do with ye Gibbs. Who's in it with me?

Gibbs: Barbossa Captian

Jack: Barbossa? What's he doing in me commerical?

Gibbs: Well they got this whole plot line going. It Starts off with ye fighting with Barbossa o'er th' rum. Then th' rum angel appears n' be tellin' ye two t' belay fighting. Then She gives ye both more rum then ye could e'er dream o'

Jack: Sounds awsome! Who's playing th' rum angel?

Gibbs: Elizabeth Captian

Jack: Lizzie! Perfect me sweet pirate stealing, rum buring hotter then th' sea Lizzie. She be still with th' Welp?

Gibbs: Nope their marriage twas not vaild at all so they wen't their own way. Elizabeth twas jumping up n' down n' Turner he went back t' th' Flying Dutchman crying like a baby. She confessed that she really loved ye n' not Will. That really drove him t' more tears.

Jack: Oh well life goes on Lizzie be all mine now!
Gibbs: Ye said it Jack!


There is the mystery,the silence under the sea.

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Ivebeendepped 4 ever!

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Haha!! Aahhh the love of sparrabeth smile


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Home » Movie Franchises » Pirates of the Caribbean » Life After AWE

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