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Johnny Cage vs Zangief
Started by: Betterman

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Johnny Cage vs Zangief

Zangief slams down the latest issue of Wrestling Today magazine. On the cover of the magazine is King relishing in his victory against Balrog. He thinks to himself; "I've challenged King time and time again with no response. Yes, he was the GWF Champ for some time, but I have been the Undisputed Russian Wrestling Champion for 5 consecutive years. No one can defeat me". He picks the magazine back up and begins to read the article pertaining to the King - Balrog match. As the article ends, there is an entry form for those who would like to enter a tournament where a God of Fighting would be crowned. The winner of the tourney faces King. "Perfect", Zangief thinks, "First I'll win this tournament, then I will finally face King once and for all to see if he is better than me. If my superiors in Russia would have let me compete in other federations, I would have ate him for lunch!"

Johnny Cage is on The Late Show with David Letterman. He is plugging his new flick; "Caged Demon". After Johnny and Dave banter around for a while, Dave asks the question: "So you hear about this "God of Fighting" thing they're doing?" Johnny replies "Yeah, I was actually thinking of entering that contest." Dave laughs outloud."C'mon Johnny, you're an actor, these guys are real fighters. Matter of fact I watched the first match and there's this woman who kicked a guy in the face like a hundred times in a minute...". Johnny interrrupts,"Excuse me Dave, I am seventh degree black belt and a former Karate champion. I'm more than qualified for this thing. Y'know what Dave? I'm entering just to prove you wrong. And when I win this tournament you're gonna kiss my ass on national T.V. during sweeps week. Deal?" Dave accepts.

Zangief and Johnny find out they're fighting each other in a week and the winner faces Chun-Li.

No time limit.

Loser must be knocked out or submit.

Fight takes place in the Octagon.

Who wins?

Old Post May 11th, 2008 12:27 AM
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Zangief would utterly destroy Johnny Cage, this wouldn't even be a remotely fair match, considering that Zangeif trains in like -50 below degree weather. He also wrestles Bears simply for fun.

Not to mention, unlike the MK world, where characters are actually more within a reality realm, although super natural.

Street Fighter II is far more into the super natural, with opponents smashing through solid steel with simply basic blows. Zangief would crush Cage like a whim.

One SPD and it'd be GGPO for Cage.

Old Post May 11th, 2008 12:51 PM
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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Games 'Versus' Forum » Johnny Cage vs Zangief

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