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Vader was a bad Dad
Started by: Kickballjedi

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Vader was a bad Dad

So here is what I took from the OT after watching again recently (for the 50+ time): Darth Vader is a bad Dad.

It's easy to watch Episodes 1-6 and say that, then point out that Luke saw the good in him. But imagine a Dad as bad as Vader in IRL. What if your Dad:

1. Sold drugs to kids, got them hooked, then had them murder innocent people to earn their next fix.
Stormtroopers controlled to do the bidding of the Empire
2. Beat your Mom constantly, until she eventually died from his abuse.
Killed Padme via force choke and breaking her heart.
3. Became the most corrupt Politian in the country- dealing with drug cartels, selling weapons to the country's enemies, dealing with the mob, killing political rivals, taking kickbacks from business interests, and blackmailing other politicians into doing what he wanted.
Helped build the Death Star, helped dissolve the senate, enforced the rule of the Emperor, used Bounty Hunters to find his enemies, and force choked anybody who failed him.
4. Systematically hunted down those who defied his rule. Honorable officers who stood for good and justice.
Assisted with the Jedi Purge
5. Was a complete religious/right wing/ cult fanatic.
Follower of the Dark Side
6. When he tried to recruit you into the crazy religious cult and you said no, he vowed to find your sister and recruit her.
When Luke refused to join the Dark Side, Vader threatened to seek out Leia and force her to join

Putting his evil deeds into real world terms, would you still see the good in your Dad? I would use my new found force powers to kill his a$$ as soon as I got near him.


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