Cameron Diaz 'In Her Shoes' Casting Details

Casting details for film adaptation of In Her Shoes has been put up by Film Jerk. The movie is to star Cameron Diaz and is going to be directed by Curtis Hason (L.A. Confidential).

Based on the bestseller by Jennifer Weiner and script been written by Oscar-nominated scribe Susannah Grant. The film focuses on the sibling rivalry between an irresponsible party girl Maggie (Diaz) and her older sister, responsible attorney Rose.

Diaz is the only actor attached to the cast at this point. Among those roles out to actors’ agents and expected to be announced as cast in the coming weeks are:

#Rose: At 30 years old, Rose is Maggie's older sister by two years. Overweight, she has a reliable job at a prestigious law firm in Philadelphia where she is having an affair with a junior partner. She has a nondescript sense of style that is offset by a winning wit, but her self image and resentment of Maggie create real conflict for her. Producers are looking for an actress who is believable as a sister to Diaz’s Maggie.

# Ella Hirsh: Hirsh is the widowed grandmother of Maggie and Rose, from whom she’s been estranged for more than 20 years; she has no family other than Maggie and Rose. On the younger side of the other residents of her Florida retirement community at 70, she distracts herself with volunteer work and cultural activities. As with the role of Rose, producers are looking for an actress who has a physical likeness to Diaz.

Click on the link above for full details and other cast descriptions, filming is scheduled to start in mid-January.

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