Tomb Raider Promote Ericsson

Ericsson, the swedish mobile phone company, has stuck a deal with the makers of Tomb Raider to help boost its image in the mobile market, in order to win over customers. Reuters reports that Ericsson will reveal this deal next Wednesday, and will follow the footsteps of rivals Nokia, who have previously marketed their products in films like 'The Matrix' and 'Charlies Angels':

Ericsson is teaming up with Paramount Pictures to feature a range of rugged mobile phones in the highly anticipated movie version of the computer video game ``Tomb Raider,'' where Angelina Jolie will play action figure Croft.

The Stockholm-based company is looking to reverse a gradual decline in its mobile phone division, which has lost market share and posted around 20 billion Swedish crowns ($2.03 billion) in losses last year.

``The Tomb Raider campaign is an attempt to say 'Hey we're not out of mobile phones', we're committed to them and we can do cool ones,'' Peter Bodor, public relations manager at Ericsson's handset unit, said at the GSM World Congress, a trade fair in Cannes.

Nokia has paid to have its phones featured in box-office hits like ``The Matrix'' and ``Charlie's Angels'' and analysts say brand recognition is a key to success in selling handsets.

Ericsson, which has not presented any new handset models at the world's largest mobile phone conference in Cannes, is expected to unveil the new models that feature in ``Tomb Raider'' this spring.

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