Tomb Raider Action Scene Revealed

Tomb Raider Executive Producer, Leifur B. Dagfinnsson provided with details on the crew's one-week shoot on Iceland's ice lagoons and described the segment of Lara's quest they produced:

"She is travelling from the base of a crater and finding the entrance for some extra terrestrial goal or item, what their searching for, so she's trying to find the ice cave that leads down to that thing," Dagfinnsson recalled. "She starts off going up the glacier, the tongue of the glacier on dogsleds and amphibian boats. She sails through the icebergs on the ice lagoon onto the tongue of the glacier. Then she takes the dog sleds up the tongue to the top of the mountain. There, you go into the ice cave and that became a studio [shoot]. She actually goes full speed into the cave on dog sleds."

"We serviced a week's shoot where they shot on the ice lagoon using ice bergs," Dagfinnsson said. "They needed like a Siberian landscape and then the top of a glacier. That involved bringing 100 people crew in from the U.K that was chartered in with the equipment as well and then 150 Icelandic crew members were added on with safety guards, security, extras, etc. We shot on the glacier and brought 250 people up there."

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