Tombraider Sucks?

Paramount warned all internet sites not to post their reviews of Tomb Raider before 15th June (release of Tomb Raider). But reviewers who sneeked a look at the preview screenings have been raving about it. Some for and some very against the movie, most people agree that Angelina Jolie was good in it here are some snippits.

Coming Attractions: "The good news is that Angelina Jolie was perfect...The bad news is that pretty much everything else was the opposite of perfect."

Juicy Cerebellum: "Bad acting, bad writing, bad cinematography, bad soundtrack, bad jokes and, more than anything, bad directing."

Ridgefield Press declares "TOMB RAIDER is another winner from the team that director that brought you CON AIR!"

There are plenty of reviews out there head over to CA for loads of reviews. If you haven't checked out the Tomb Raider trailers yet, then head over to our Trailer Section to download all of them.

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