Let's Talk About Sex Reviews

Let's Talk About Sex Review
by Susan Granger
Let's not. Better to let Jerry Springer or Monica Lewinsky do it. At least, that way you don't have to pay at the box-office. This sleazy excuse for a docudrama, written and directed by Troy Beyer, who played Diahann Carroll's daughter on...more

Let's Talk About Sex Review
by Marty Mapes
First Troy Beyer wrote the critically panned "B.A.P.S." Now she makes her directorial debut, writing, directing, and starring in this sub-par film about women talking about sex. Though not without redeeming qualities, this film is bad. more

Let's Talk About Sex Review
by Michael Dequina
Let's not. Troy Beyer's directorial debut (she also wrote and stars) offers plenty of the bawdy talk the title promises. But it's wrapped around a load of dreck. Advice columnist Jazz (Beyer) aspires to be a talk show hostess, and the candid...more