Light It Up

Starring: Forest Whitaker, Sara Gilbert, Rosario Dawson, LeShay N Tomlinson, Glynn Turman, Reggie Theus, Sue Simmons, Jennifer Say Gan, Dale Rivera, Eriq F Prince

Release Date: November 10th, 1999
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: 20th Century Fox

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Synopsis: A neglected high school in Queens, New York. A favorite teacher is suspended. Suddenly, six disparate students--a student council member, a punk rocker, a hustler, a star basketball player, a gangbanger and a gifted artist--are bound together in a battle none of them ever imagined they would fight. The students barricade themselves inside the school. As the police, media and eyes of the country zero in on the sensational crisis, the students realize for the first time in their young lives that their voices might actually be heard. The question then becomes, "What do they have to say?" What quickly escalated from a simple protest to a hostage situation takes a startling turn as the students stand their ground and make a statement. After a lifetime of injustice over which they've had no control, the students use their negotiating power to ask not for money, nor to gain immunity, but to demand their right to receive a decent education.

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