New LOTR Trailer at Toy Fair

FandomShop report on a new trailer of 'Lord of the Rings' that was shown recently at the New York Toy Fair:
Toy Biz launched a new 5-minute Lord Of the Rings trailer at the Toy Fair in New York this week.

Although there was no dialogue—except battle cries, sweeping orchestra music accompanied fast paced scenes of:

• Orcs, Trolls, and Gollum described as having big eyes, dark green skin, a bald head and dressed in rags.
• Frodo and Samwise with the ring.
• Chase scene with Liv Tyler (Arwen) pursued by Ringwraiths.
• Wizard battle between Saruman and Gandalf with lightning, telekinesis, and someone getting slammed up against a wall.
• Panoramic shots of armies on the walls, stoic, with dirty, bloodied armor.
• Troops putting ladders up to walls being pushed back.
• One on one battles in the forest with Strider.
• Legalos knocking down a board and sliding down it rapidly firing arrows

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