More Fellowship On DVD Release

Peter Jackson is working on a director's cut of the first 'Lord Of The Rings' film, 'The Fellowship Of The Ring', reports Ananova.

He told them that he was hard at work preparing the DVD release for later in the year. The DVD of 'The Fellowship Of The Ring' will feature an extra half hour of footage.

"There'll be a theatrical version of the movie on DVD and an extended cut with an extra 30 minutes in it," said Jackson.

"That'll include the sequence when Galadriel gives the Fellowship gifts.

"The DVD gives you a chance to give more information about the characters, who they are and what they are."

He also said that he's about halfway through editing the second film, 'The Two Towers'.

Jackson says so far the film is "looking good."

He said: "I've got two more years of work, this year with The Two Towers and next year with Return Of The King, so after it's finished I'll have a rest and a holiday!"

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