Liv Tyler To Sing In 'Return Of The King'

According to United Press International, Liv Tyler - Arwen in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - is said to have recorded a song for the soundtrack of the third film, "The Return of the King"

Tyler told reporters while in New York to promote the sequel movie, "The Two Towers," that she had recorded "Arwen's Song" a while ago and even previewed it for her dad. The actress, who plays an elfish princess in the spectacular fantasy trilogy, says director Peter Jackson hadn't told her in which of the three simultaneously filmed movies her song would appear.

"I think it's going to be in the third movie," she said. "You never know with these movies... Peter, when he was editing things, felt ... for me, certain scenes were nicer as a finale in the third film."

Tyler wouldn't give much away about the song either, apart from the fact that its not recorded in Elvish, but in English.

The final movie, "Return of the King" will be hitting theaters Christmas 2003.

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