Ian McKellen On 'Return Of The King' Progress

Sir Ian McKellen spoke to Empire about the final Lord of the Rings movie - The Return of the King, where he said that Peter Jackson is already boasting about it.

"I've got a little secret to tell you," said McKellan. "In an e-mail I got just now from Peter Jackson, I asked if he was coming tonight and he said 'no,' he can't but he's recorded a video message and then he put a PS at the bottom. It said: 'And Return of The King is looking very, very good!' So, I tell you, if Peter Jackson's boasting how good the third film is now, then we'd all better watch out!"

"We did worry a little bit, even after the success of the first film, that the second film might have a bit of a difficult time," Sir Ian confided. "Because, after all, it doesn't have a beginning and it doesn't have an ending. The story doesn't finish until Return of the King in a year's time. But the public has taken it to its heart, no doubt because they liked the first film so much."

The Return of the King opens December 17th 2003.

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