Peter Jackson On 'Lord Of The Rings 3' Progress

Peter Jackson has been speaking with AICN about the rumors that the trailer for The Return of the King will be attached to the The Two Towers in a couple of weeks.

As far as I'm aware the first ROTK trailer will hit cinemas about May or June.

We're not doing a ROTK trailer for the end of Two Towers like we did last year. The reason is that the TT extended DVD has been so complex this year, it would have taken too many resources away from trying to get that finished.

The FOTR extended cut had 35 extra CG shots - the TT extended cut has over 150. Weta are plowing through those, plus starting ROTK. We have a huge TT extended cut sound mix in a few weeks. It's all very complex and we deemed an early ROTK trailer as simply too much to take on this time around.

I am loving cutting ROTK! Very happy.

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