The Limey

Starring: Peter Fonda, Melissa George, Nicky Katt, George Clooney, Terence Stamp, Lesley Ann Warren, Lesley Ann Warren, Lincoln Simmons, Johnny Sanchez, John Robotham

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Release Date: October 8th, 1999
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Artisan Entertainment

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Synopsis: Wilson, a tough English ex-con who travels to Los Angeles to avenge his daughter's death. Upon arrival, Wilson goes to task battling an army of L.A.'s toughest criminals in the hopes of piecing together the events leading to her murder. As he survives a near-deadly beating, getting thrown out of a building and being chased down a dangerous mountain road, Wilson retaliates by doling out some bodily harm of his own. Before his trip is over, all of Los Angeles will know The Limey is in town.

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