Report From Minority Report

Peter Stormare ('Fargo') has spoken out about his role in the Spielberg/Cruise collaboration 'Minority Report'. He told a Swedish newspaper, "I have only been allowed to read my part, It's a secret project."

Luckily, CA managed to get some information from a scooper who elaborates:

"He[Stormore] will play a doctor, who's been previously arrested by Tom Cruise's character, and who is now performing an eye operation on the Cruiser. According to Stormare, Spielberg wants the doctor to be Swedish, so expect some weird Nordic tongue flying off the screen. To add some spice to this Swede mania, the same article claims the none other than Max von Sydow will play a part in Minority Report (doesn't say what part, though). According to TT, this has been confirmed by Fox."

'Minority Report' is set in a future society where crimes are detected before they are committed by use of psychics. Police are then dispatched to arrest the future criminal before they can commit the deed. But when one of the law enforcement officers is charged with a future murder, the man makes a run for freedom. Is he about to commit a murder, or has he been set up?

CA scooper also got news on some news from the set of 'Minority Report'

"It was built to have people on wires, to simulate flying or something else dangerous," answers our spy. "Anyway, I saw Tom Cruise (short fellow, actually) and Spielberg. They finished shooting but I walked by the set again today and saw what looks like 2nd unit shooting going on. There were futuristic cop looking guys, wearing dark uniforms and lights on their shoulders, one red, one blue, just like a cop car. It looked pretty cool. They looked as though they were in pursuit of someone, and if you are familiar with the story this movie is based on, you'll know there is a big pursuit of someone, that being Tom Cruise."

The movie should be released somewhere in 2002.

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