The Man Reviews

The Man Review
by Jerry at the Movies
I hate starting reviews for potentially winning comedies the same way, so I will make a slight alteration. Samuel L. Jackson as an ATF agent with earrings is chasing some bad guys in Detroit. Fair enough, sounds like a sequel to "Shaft." Eugene Levy is a...more

The Man Review
by Bill Clark
The Man is a smorgasbord of bits taken from infinitely better films, numbering far too many to name here. The only thing keeping its head above water is the presence of two fine actors in Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy. How depressing it is to see...more

The Man Review
by Steve Rhodes
Gosh, aren't fart jokes funny? Especially a lot of them. THE MAN is recycled humor from plots you've seen a hundred times before. Maybe on late night cable, when the price is right, THE MAN might have some limited appeal, but, as a theatrical...more