The People vs. Larry Flynt Review

by Tim Voon (stirling AT netlink DOT com DOT au)
September 8th, 1997

    A film review by Timothy Voon
    Copyright 1997 Timothy Voon
    3 :-) :-) :-) for freedom of speech
    1 :-( for a bitter, angry man

Cast: Woody Harrelson, Courtney Love, Edward Norton, James Cromwell, Crispin Glover, Brett Harrelson, James Carville, Donna Hanover, Richard Paul Director: Milos Forman Screenplay: Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski

The First Amendment. It's a wonderful way of life when an ideal as powerful as freedom itself, is allowed to protect and represent the American people. However, when this unique law of the forefathers is used and abused by the likes of Larry Flynt, then something beautiful and natural, has become polluted by the fumes of the depraved and amoral.

The issues begin with pornography and Larry's freedom to express his views. I won't debate this point; but when Larry uses his freedom to fraudulently defame others, I cannot and will not side with him. His utter contempt for the court and justices also becomes evident at every hearing; when Larry needs to take centre stage in his shameless mockery of the establishment.

"Larry Flynt" by TMT Voon

Larry Flynt, "Hill Billy" child of misplaced dreams who, Mounted only to sleaze and hustle, greed and "girly" bustle, Whose claim to fame rests with spitting in righteous face, Whose grievous deed protected by righteous grace,

Mock and laugh at Her Lady's Laws,
Rape and desecrate her first and most precious gift,
But True Freedom comes only to those who respect it,
Not to those who misuse and abuse it.

So the same law which guide and protect the innocent, need also turn a blind eye to Larry Flynt. Although Lady Justice herself is prevented from spitting back at this foul-mouthed monstrosity, this will not shield Flynt from the contempt of others who have witnessed a desecration of the First Amendment. No sympathy points for this lonely, bitter, angry old man, who has pit himself against God, the world and the goodness of life.

Solid performances by Woody Harrelson whose choice of "smutty" roles "King Pin", "Natural Born Killers" etc. seem to have become his forte. Courtney Love, a queen of the fast lane, instinctively knows how to recreate the likes of Althea Leisure.

Timothy Voon
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