Punisher Is Going For R-Rated Status

Producers for The Punisher have decided that they are aiming the movie at a mature age, and so giving at a R rating according to Comics Continuum.

"Obviously, we aren't in a position to rate the film. But in terms of the intensity and in terms of the action and all of that, the intent was certainly not to make the G, PG or PG-13 version," said producer Gale Anne Hurd.

"That's certainly quite a distinction fron the Hulk and Spider-Man and the characters by rights that belong into a PG or PG-13 world. The Punisher doesn't."

"He's never been aimed towards younger kids," Ari Arad said of The Punisher. "I think he was someone most people discovered later. We never wanted to try it as PG-13. It's going to be The Punisher. It's going to be intense.

"We never wanted to water it down for a younger audience."

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