Thomas Jane On 'The Punisher' Role

Frank CastleThomas Jane, star of The Punisher, says he went through a tough physical regimen for his role as Frank Castle. "I think at the end I put on about 25 pounds of muscle," he told Sci-Fi Wire. "That's the real true figure."

"I knew going in reading the comics that it was a very physical part," he said. "The key to the character for me was through the physicality of the part. I took that very, very seriously. I went to the gym twice a day, sort of a controversial method among bodybuilders as to whether or not that works, but it worked for me, and I hit one body part twice a day and then the special diet."

Jane adds that he was relieved when production ended so he could return to his normal diet. "Krispy Kreme donuts and Guinness beer came out the day we stopped," he said. "When the check stops coming, I stop going to the gym."

The Punisher opens nationwide April 16.

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