Vin Diesel Talks 'Pitch Black 2' Riddick Character

Vin Diesel, who will be reprising his role in Pitch Black 2, says his character was the main reason for his return. "[Riddick is] a compelling character in both his complexity and his simplicity," Diesel told Sci-Fi Wire. "His nature is complex. His character is complex, [as is] the unpredictability of his nature. But at the same time there's something very simple. And there's a very simple mantra that he preaches, which is: Don't f--k with me, I won't f--k with you. And ... those are interesting colors to play with in a character, because they're ... both two different extremes."

Diesel compared Riddick with previous legendary movies. "Although we've had Star Wars and we've had Lord of the Rings and we've had these great mythologies, we haven't had a mythology that has a central character, a protagonist, that is as complex as Riddick, I don't think," he said. Riddick is a character who "doesn't really know his history and is discovering that, and we discover it with him, and he's as shocked as we are."

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