Keanu Reeves To Star In 'A Scanner Darkly'

Keanu Reeves is to star in the adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel A Scanner Darkly, according to Variety.

School of Rock helmer Richard Linklater negotiating to direct.

A Scanner Darkly will employ the same technology Linklater used in Waking Life, It will be shot live-action, then animated.

Book was influenced by the drug experiences of Dick, the deceased author whose mind-bending sci-fi tales have been turned into Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report, among other films. Linklater did the most recent draft of the script.

Story takes place in the future, where undercover agents change their faces along with their identities. Reeves plays one such officer, and his liberal ingestion of the drug Substance D causes him to develop a split personality.

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