Scooby Rep Talks Sets

At the 2001 Locations Expo, Lynne Benzie, a representative of Warner Brothers Studios spoke with suggesting that the types of locations used and the types of sets built will remain faithful to the tone of the original cartoon series.

"They're building a castle," Benzie said. "It's based on an old-time theme park where they go into these sections so we've got a spooky house, the castle and different rides as well. They were filming at Tennesson House, an old power station that's just outside the location of Brisbane and they've been there for two weeks. They're now back into the studios and then they have two weeks on a place called Moreton Island. It's all exterior and they're using a few of the theme parks. We have a water park which they'll be using for a few days."

The studio rep also talked positively on the costumes, "I did see the costume test for Velma and I did a double take. She had the wig and whole thing, dressed in exactly the same colors that she wears. She looked very, very good."

Thanks to 'Sam' for the link!

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