Scooby Doo Teaser Trailer News

Dark Horizons have recieved info from a reliable source about the teaser trailer which opens with 'Harry Potter: The Sorcerors Stone.' Here is the description.

"It starts of with the Warner Brothers logo dissolving into the moon, bats come out of somewhere into the night sky. The voice over guy tells us about a hero, one who protects the innocent, he's always been there in the background. The camera enters a dark house, goes up a staircase and everyone thinks it's the next batman film. We even see the back of a figure standing in front of a window looking into the night sky, he looks like Batman with the pointed ears from his hood... voice over guy stays something like "He's here to save the world..." and the camera swings round to show us the face of SCOOBY DOO, he look at the camera saying in his usual comic voice "Who? Uh-arr!" (as in NOW WAY!)."

'Harry Potter' opens next Friday(16 November, 2001), and 'Scooby Doo' opens on June 14, 2002.

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