Release Date: January 10th, 1997
Studio: Cinema Village Features
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Synopsis: Before there was Larry Flynt, before there was Howard Stern, there was Al Goldstein.... He was the first with the kind of irreverent, in-your-face sexual satire later copied by Flynt. When Stern was still popping his pimples in high school, Goldstein had already been arrested 19 times for publishing "Screw" magazine. The remarkable highs and lows of Goldstein's porn-pioneering career are profiled by filmmaker Alexander Crawford who takes viewers from Goldstein's humble origins in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to his opulent homes in Manhattan and Beverly Hills, from his bustling publishing offices to the set of his hit, raunchy cable-access show "Midnight Blue." Along the way, his innumerable legal battles with local and federal authorities -- and with his ex-wives -- are chronicled.

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