Dwayne 'Rock' Johnson Talks 'Southland Tales'

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been speaking about his role as Boxer Santaros in Richard Kelly's apocalypse movie Southland Tales. "It's realistic, and it's a love letter to Los Angeles, and I think it could be a bitch slap as well," Johnson told Sci-Fi Wire. The feature follows an action-movie star with amnesia, and is set in a near-future Los Angeles on the eve of the end of the world.

"[Santaros] has forgotten ... the past two years," Johnson said. "He doesn't remember that he's married to the senator's wife [Mandy Moore]. He doesn't ... know that he's ... this big movie star. ... There are many, many times where his schizophrenia kicks in, and he starts to hear voices, and the voices talk to Boxer, and all that comes out."

"His relationship with Seann is, [he's] doing research for a role. ... There's a screenplay that Boxer writes, which he wants to direct as well, and he is doing some film research," Johnson said. "And Seann is a Los Angeles cop, and I go on a ride-along essentially with him and things ensue. ... And my relationship with Sarah is ... Sarah is the one person in my life who I feel like I can trust, and when I come ... out of my amnesia state, ... she's there."

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