Seann William Scott On 'Southland Tales' Role

Seann William ScottSeann William Scott says reteaming with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Richard Kelly's Southland Tales meant they were reversing roles. "It was strange," Scott told Sci-Fi Wire. "When we did our first scene together, it was a lot of fun. ... [In] The Rundown, you know, my character was just like Chatty Cathy and was in his ear yapping the whole time. And my character is much more quiet in this movie, and he's the guy that's kind of like crazy in my ear. So it was pretty fun."

"I play a brother who's a cop, and [also] his twin brother, who's a bit mysterious," Scott said. "He has amnesia, ... much like The Rock's character. The brother who has amnesia really only remembers things from the last six days, and he's pretty much been under control of this neo-Marxist group who [are] using him to pull off this big blackmail scam involving The Rock's character [a movie star named Boxer Santaros]. And he's trying to piece things together as the movie goes along, and he feels like maybe he's not being told the whole truth about maybe who he is or what's going on."

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