Spy Report from Spider-Man Lab Set

A spy report posted over at SpiderManHype.com talks about the lab set we will see in the Spider-Man movie:
so we head to the great kids museum area in the museum, but what do I see?!??!?

The "hot set" lab of SPIDER-MAN!!!! There in the old rotunda of the museum sits all this great looking lab stuff, very current and hip looking, and real! The images of spiders from science books tacked to bulletin boards all around me clinches it, as does the guy watching the set! This is it!! The bronze statues of three women have been covered by a cool looking huge silver tube thing, that has to be some kind of reactor or partcil accelorator or maybe just a juicer. In any case it dominates the space and looks cool as hell.

Apparently they are shooting at night. But it seemed like everyone who came through knew what they were looking at. I heard several dad's tell their sons this is the labe were Spider-man gets bit by the radioactive spider that gives him his powers. This movie looks like its on track to be the next Star Wars, in its potential to connect with a ready audience.

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