Pictures Of The Green Goblin Costume

Spider Man Hype has got some pictures of the Green Goblin from the 'SpiderMan' set. The pictures are taken by a extra from the set, he reports:

"Like many of the other extras on the set this day, we all ran in terror, over and over again as the Goblin threw Police officers around like rag dolls. I must say the Green Goblin suit was a beauty to behold, it differs greatly from what we are used to seeing in the comics, but let me assure you FANS, and you will not be disappointed!"

He also said that the Goblin costume had a "tank tread"-like pattern running over the rubber costume, and that the "helmet was pure GOBLIN".

You can get the full pictures from the above link, depicting The Goblin (Willem Dafoe or a Stunt Person) walking towards the extra who is taking the pictures and then walking away.

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