Spider-Man Set Reports

AICN recieved a couple of reports directly from the set of the upcoming 'Spider-Man' set. Heres an excerpt from the first:

Mary Jane (Kirsten), with her blazing red hair tied up haphazardly, exits the Moondance diner at Grand Street and Sixth Avenue in a hurry, not stopping to tie her coat around her, and turns the corner, passing a Daily Bugle newsstand. Later investigation noted that the bugle issue carried the headline "Subway Bandit Strikes Again" over a photo of a graffiti'd train. Sub-headline: "Police offer token response." MJ looks upset.
Peter (Tobey), wearing a semi-stylish blue jacket and jeans with a white shirt and carrying a backpack, is talking to some heavyset guy on the corner, probably looking for info on MJ's whereabouts. The corner guy points her out to Peter and he lightly runs over to where she's at, stopping her after a few more paces. This is played out around the corner of the Moondance diner with a parking lot to the left side (not sure if it would be in the shot), on Grand Street, with Sixth Ave in the background. They talk for a couple seconds, then a REALLY big (tall and like 300 lbs) black guy wearing a grease-stained cook's apron and a purple t-shirt hustles around the corner toward them, carrying what look like crumpled receipts. He stops before getting all the way over and shakes them at her, yelling something.

A huge 70s turquoise Caddy swings around the corner from its previous position parked in front of the diner. The shot ends with the cook guy with his arms out in that NYC "so what'cha gonna do about it" position. Kind of reminiscent of Superman II with the abusive Canadian diner guy -- maybe there's one of those "prove your manhood for your lady vs. reveal your powers" conundrums in store?

You can read more at the link above!

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