Director Sam Raimi On Spiderman 2

Director of 'Spiderman' Sam Raimi gave a lot of interesting updates to Moviehole in an interview in Australia.

Did the story get changed a few times?

Absolutely. David Koepp who had wrote the first script had a piece with the two villains being Elektra and the Sandman, I think they were leftovers from James Cameronís treatment Ė which I like to call a Ďscriptmentí. It was an 80-page treatment with these characters, but the thing is these characters werenít my favorite. My favorite was actually the death of Gwen Stacey. Thing is, I didnít particularly like the Gwen Stacey character, I liked the element of it, but liked Mary Jane Watson and The Green Goblin. I also tried to put Doctor Octavious in there, but we couldnít do it justice. Having multiple-storyline arcs just didnít work, so we decided to stick on just having the one villain and make it a deeper story.

Spiderman 2 then?

Iíve just signed on to do Spiderman 2 actually. We havenít yet got a story so I havenít actually thought about what actors Iíll use though. I love Spiderman. Iím into him. And Bruce Campbell will have a role in Spiderman 2 as well.

You had to change the teaser trailer for Spiderman after September 11 but did this affect the movie?

My 2nd unit director shot some great stuff for the teaser. It was the bit where Spiderman tangled the crooks in the snagged helicopter and weaves a web for them between the Trade towers. I was hoping to use it in the movie, but I didnít feel it was appropriate after September 11. I did however keep every other scene of The Twin Towers in the movie.

Stan Lee had a cameo Ė but I hear it was cut?

Stan Leeís cameo is still in. Itís a brief cameo at Times Square, behind the villains. You can see him in the corner of the screen. Just for a moment

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