David Koepp Rethinks Sequel Script Idea

David Koepp, who was credited with writing the original, has suddenly returned to the fold after previously declaring that he was done, reports Variety.

Koepp has emerged as the new writer of the film based on an idea he just came up with.

The immediate question is just what becomes of screenwriters Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the duo behind "Shanghai Noon" and the hit WB series "Smallville." According to Sony, those writers have only been replaced temporarily. While it seems unprecedented for the studio to engage one of Hollywood's highest priced scribes without dropping the previously hired duo, Columbia chairman Amy Pascal swears that is exactly what has happened, and that Gough and Millar are still employed as writers on the sequel.

"David had an idea and agreed to take some time off from the other project to write the first draft," she said. "Gough and Millar will then take his first draft and start working from there."

Given the accelerated production schedule the studio is under since announcing both a start and release date, and that "Spider-Man" will soon pass the $400 million gross mark in North America, throwing around a little extra money to screenwriters to get the second installment of the film right is no big deal.

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