Micheal Chabon 'Spider Man 2' Screenwriter Talks

The Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon, who is the current screenwriter for "Spider-Man 2" talked to CountingDown.com about a recent draft he turned in to Sony, Heres what he had to say:

I turned in my draft of the script to Sony. I thought it more or less rocked. Alas, not everyone involved with the project, apparently, agreed with my own unbiased assessment. As far as I know it has now been handed, along with the two prior drafts (Gough-Millar and Koepp) to a well-known and well-regarded script doctor, Alvin Sargent, who is married to the film's producer, Laura Ziskin. What he does with it all is a mystery that I'm as anxious as you to see revealed.

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