Tobey Maguire Almost Lost 'Spider-Man 2' Role

Speaking with the LATimes, Tobey Maguire revealed that he almost lost the role of Spider-Man 2.

"I feel like I learned a lesson," he says. "The movie is the most important thing."

The tale of how Maguire went from out-of-work webslinger to repentant star is a brief but engrossing saga of modern-day Hollywood. It takes place in a world where an actor's power can easily be miscalculated amid the multimillion-dollar paydays that accompany the big franchise movies driving the industry.

The first movie grossed more than $820 million worldwide, and in March, as filming on the inevitable sequel was underway, Maguire went astray. He had a notion that Columbia Pictures would arrange the shooting schedule for this costly and crucial project on his terms, to allow him to deal with a recurring problem: a bad back. "I was going 'They're going to have to make some accommodation for me,' " he says. Wrong. He was promptly dropped. He and Columbia Chairman Amy Pascal contend it was solely because of the concerns about his condition and poor communication on that subject. Even though he has an array of representatives that sounds like the setup for a Hollywood joke an agent, a manager and a lawyer Maguire takes full responsibility, saying his attitude going into the sequel was "inappropriate."

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