'SpiderMan 2' Shooting Script Review Online

A scooper over at TrekBBS has claimed that he has read the upcoming sequel SpiderMan 2s shooting script. Here is what he had to say on it:

The script reads very much like a sequel. There's some of the (what I know consider to be) old fashioned beat-for-beat plot progression mirroring the first movie in the beginning (starting with a voice over of Peter angsting about MJ, etc). I honestly felt the script started a little slow, but it builds nicely to a very strong climax. Having as good an actor as Alfred Molina playing Ock (something that rather baffled me at first) now makes sense, because our villain here is a man torn, confused, seduced even. He's a pretty classic mad scientist - much about the story I would call "classic", though I'm certain many in the audience, jaded fanboys that they are, are going to whinge about lack of originality. Like the first film, this is a straight portrayal of traditional Spider-Man all the way down the line. ...........

For the full post click here, be warned he does point out some spoilers in his short review.

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