Sam Raimi On 'SpiderMan 2' Villains

Director Sam Raimi says he considered many villains for SpiderMan 2 before settling on Doctor Octopus. "Well, there were a lot of different iterations of the story, and at times there was more than one villain, and at times there were more than two villains," Raimi told Sci-Fi Wire. "But it all came down to trying to focus on what I felt was the strongest aspect of the film and diminishing everything else so that it could live."

"The strongest aspect of the film is Peter Parker [Maguire] and his journey to becoming a responsible young man. So after we had one villain to test his mettle against and to be in conflict with Spider-Man, I found that there were diminishing returns for the second and third villains, since our real story was an interior story, this journey to be a human hero, how Peter Parker battles the problems of being a hero, how he copes. The more villains that we added into the mix didn't seem to make the story richer and stronger. It seemed to diminish [it], in fact."

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