Cast & Director Unsure Of 'SpiderMan 4'

Director Sam Raimi and star Kirsten Dunst say although they are signed up for the third SpiderMan movie, it'll be unlikely they'll return for a fourth. "I can't imagine that I'd have the strength to direct another one after the third one," director Sam Raimi told Sci-Fi Wire.

Kirsten Dunst said, "I don't see me signing on for a fourth or a fifth [one]. I doubt Tobey [Maguire] would come back for a fourth, either. ... I just think three's a good number." Maguire is also reportedly uneager to do a fourth movie, but is leaving open the possibility, depending on the script.

Marvel's Avi Arad says he hopes they will all return, especially Raimi. "I hope that Sam will have the energy to continue, and if he doesn't, then we'll have to think about it. I sleep better at night knowing that we have Sam for the next one."

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