Terminator 3 ET Footage Online

ArnoldFans have put up the ET footage of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," which went behind the scenes.

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ET written highlights:

"There's never been a female Terminator, so there really were no rules to go by," Kristanna explains to our own JANN CARL. "She kind of plays different feminine qualities in order to get a result that she wants -- the feminine attributes definitely play well to her advantage."

"I think that the audience will really be blown away when they see the film," says Arnold, "and blown away by the T-X, the female Terminator, because she's an extraordinary-looking woman -- she's sexy, but at the same time she's a machine, so she plays up the sexy part when she needs to but quickly can snap back into the machine and be very destructive."

Brainy 23-year-old CLAIRE DANES got the call of a lifetime when she was invited on-board the ultimate action pic to replace 19-year-old SOPHIA BUSH as young John Connor's fiancée. "Sometimes I think I'm in a theme park ride -- it's bigger than a movie," Claire says. "I do a lot of running, a lot of panting, I've got a lot of practice expressing fear."

So for someone who saw 'Terminator 2' when she was 11 years old, did the real-life Arnold seem frightfully larger than life to Claire in person? "For quite some time, I couldn't see him as anything other than just a superhuman thing, sort of like the Empire State Building," she exclaims, "but over the course of shooting, he's shrunk to human size. He's actually a lovely person and quite accessible, but I had to shake 23 years of this one perception."

T3 is out on July 2nd 2003

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