47 Second 'Terminator 3' Footage Details

T3Nexus were at the L.A. Auto Show where they were checking out the "T3 Limited Edition Tundra" as seen in the Terminator 3 movie.

While at the show they also caught glimpse of 47 seconds worth of T3 footage and have posted a detailed description of it.

- The camera starts low and raises up and over the Tundra. It reveals the Champion Crane in hot pursuit and the Tundra itself is flanked by Two Police cruisers. On the roof Arnie lies still and then gets up- using the top of the door frame he rolls off the roof and straight into the drivers seat- John quickly moves over to the passenger seat. T-850: "I'll drive."

- Quick clip of the Champion Crane front moving closer-

- Arnold jams the brakes on and takes a side street at the bottom of the frame the two cruisers start to pull high speed turns to continue pursuit-

- A shot of the Tundra plowing through a closed gate and into some sort of street side parking lot-

Check out the link above for more!

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