Schwarzenegger Describes Terminator Arrival Scene

Arnold Schwarzenegger at SeminarTheArnoldFans attended a recent Schwarzenegger Seminar, where Arnold talked about his upcoming movie T3: Rise of the Machines and gave away spoilerific details on the arrival of the Terminator.

The Terminator arrives from the year 2029 and in his usual birthday suite attire, he is in search of clothing. The T-850 approaches a strip joint called "The Spot" and luckily for Arnold it happens to be "ladies night"! Since there are so many other semi-nude male dancers, the bodyguards out front think nothing to out-of-the-ordinary of the nude cyborg. The guard tells the Terminator to go around to the back entrance but it doesn't listen and slams him and then throws him through the air. Arnold enters nude through the front among dozens of screaming and adoring female admirers of his massive body and spectacular private section. The Terminator takes the clothes from one of the male dancers (possibly from the biker doing the YMCA? Just a thought).

Thanks to 'Kevin' for the heads up!

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